Someone Wants Single Men to Receive Government Money to Pay for Prostitutes in Turkey

You can read that again, but you had it right the first time.

Indeed, someone DOES want the Turkish government to shoulder expenses that would allow single men to sleep with prostitutes.

But before you jump out of your seat to judge and point an angry finger at him— you might want to know that he’s got a very good reason for this bizarre proposition.

Although there’s no denying the fact that his suggestion is not only peculiar, it is also both sexist and undeniably unacceptable.

A Turkish lawyer named Yazuv Balkan wants his government to spend 75 Turkish lira (an equivalent of US$10) every week for each single man in Turkey in an attempt to curb the increasingly alarming rate of violence against women in the country.

Balkan believes that the growing number of crimes against women in Turkey is a result of ‘sexual frustration’ among its single male citizens, whose number apparently seemed to have grown exponentially as well.

As expected, Balkan’s sinister proposal has caused widespread outrage, not only in Turkey, but in numerous countries around the globe.

Female activists took to the streets to condemn Balkan’s outrageous proposal, which also angered the general public as the idea is deemed by many as unethical, irrational, immoral, and just downright wrong.

But Balkan stood his ground. “If men can meet their sexual needs, I am confident that 99% of female murders will be eliminated,” he told local media in Turkey during an interview.

Balkan’s highly opposed proposal came amid discussions over the Turkish government’s role in putting a halt to the disturbing increase in the number of crimes against women— which include rape, murder, physical and sexual assault.

A parliamentary commission has recently been set up by the government in an attempt to address this persistent problem.

The number of murdered women in the country has increased by 1,400 percent in just a period of seven years— a figure based on statistics from 2003 to 2010 alone.

Some Turkish believe, however, that the dramatic increase in the number of crimes against women in the country can be attributed to the nation’s culture of ‘honor’.

One witness to a supposed ‘honor crime’ told: “We do not want to be involved in a private family matter. It is between a man and a woman. A woman is like a fig tree. If a branch is infested with worms, you must cut the tree or your entire orchard will be lost.”

ISIS Poster Boy’s Wife Was an FBI Spy

Hollywood’s depiction of spies isn’t that far off from reality after all.

Recent reports claim that Denis Cuspert a.k.a. “Deso Dogg”, the German rapper who later on became the Islamic State’s poster boy, fell for one of the oldest tricks in the world of espionage— the art of seduction— and shared his bed with a spy who later on became his wife.

Cuspert, who is said to be a womanizer, feel for the trick when he supposedly met his wife, a spy working for the FBI. It is unclear how and when Cuspert met his spy wife, but reports claim that his womanizing ways date back to his pre-terrorist times in Germany, where he impregnated three women; one of whom he decided to dump before embarking on his career on terrorism.

The ISIS poster boy reportedly arrived in Syria two years ago, after spending some time in what is dubbed as a ‘Germany jihadi colony’ in Egypt.

The report was published by Bild, a newspaper in Germany.

According to the German newspaper, the information they revealed was confirmed by intelligence sources from both Germany and the U.S.. One German security official was even quoted by the newspaper as saying, “We were already a long time in the bedrooms of the terrorists.”

Cuspert’s FBI spy wife reportedly transmitted sensitive information about ISIS’ terror activities on a regular basis, although the method she used in transmitting information to her U.S. handler was not revealed. She is said to have later on left Syria after being told by her handlers that it was no longer safe for her to continue her mission, as ISIS began a crackdown on infiltrators on its network. Reports say she was extracted by slipping into Turkey where she was arrested, and was later on turned over to the U.S. where she is now believed to be permanently residing.

The materials and information gathered by the FBI spy was reportedly used by the U.S. as a basis for the State Department’s designation, according to the same German newspaper. Bild also claimed that it was Germany’s top prosecutorial office that benefitted the most from Cuspert’s FBI spy wife’s seduction mission.

Cuspert— who is now known as Abu Talha al-Alman, seen in one of ISIS’ propaganda videos hoisting the severed head of one of their victims, aside from being an ISIS’ poster boy, also serves as a recruiter of the terror group for German-speaking extremists.

What Changes Await Now That We Know Putin Has Asperger’s?

Well, you guessed it right. Absolutely nothing.

A report obtained by USA Today through the Freedom of Information Act alleges that Russian President Vladimir Putin exhibits symptoms that experts claim are consistent to that of Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental disorder classified under the autism spectrum disorder.

The Office of Net Assessment (ONA) submitted a report in 2008 claiming that the ex-KGB-spy-turned-Russian-leader exhibits symptoms of the disorder after several contractors who are movement analysis experts observed countless video footages of Putin dating back from the time he was first elected as president.

ONA is the Pentagon arm responsible for concocting long-term military strategies for the United States.

In an effort to decipher the real reason behind the Russian president’s unpopular decisions, the Pentagon reportedly tasked ONA to analyze Putin’s bodily movements. The report from ONA later on concluded that “the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality”, which the expert contractors imagined as “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions.”

According to the research, the “neurological development [of President Putin] was significantly interrupted in infancy”— as written on the report by Brenda Connors, a U.S. Naval College movement analysis expert.

The report later on recommended that the best approach to Russia’s most powerful man would be through a private meeting where he will be less anxious— pointing out that individuals with Asperger’s tend to feel insecure whenever they are in the company of numerous people.

Reports say that the Pentagon tasked Connors and a number of other contractors to observe Putin and other world leaders in an effort to come up with the best diplomatic approach to each leader.

Although experts involved in the study were confident with their diagnosis, they also emphasized in their report that they have no evidence to support this conclusion— as the only way to scientifically prove that Putin is in fact with Asperger’s is to have him undergo a brain scan.

Like that’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, as expected, Russian officials were quick to deny ONA claims that their respected leader is suffering from a developmental disorder. In fact, Putin supporters thought the latest allegation against their leader was ‘downright ridiculous’.

Russian Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that ONA’s speculation that their president is with Asperger’s is “stupidity not worthy of comment,” during an interview with news on Thursday.

The Pentagon, on the other hand, underplayed the report submitted by ONA— saying that the said report that concludes President Putin is with autism has never even made it to the Defense Secretary’s desk.

This School Won’t Protect Cancer Survivor From Measles

The recent measles outbreak in California is making a lot of parents nervous, but perhaps not as nervous as Carl Krawitt and other dads like him.

Carl’s six-year-old son, Rhett, has gone through a very difficult battle against cancer for several years but nevertheless emerged victorious, only to be threatened again by an outbreak of measles. Although Rhett is in recovery from his battle with leukemia, his state of health makes him highly susceptible to communicable diseases like measles.

But as much as his dad, Carl, wants to protect him from the dangers of contracting highly contagious diseases, his school just won’t.

Rhett— who goes to school at Marin County in California— is only one of the many immune-suppressed Californian kids whose lives are literally endangered by seemingly minor diseases such as measles; and their local school districts refuse to protect them.

As a father trying his best to protect his son, Carl wants immunization a pre-requisite for children who wish to attend school at a time where the possibility of contracting measles at learning facilities is a very real threat— but the local school district said no.

Instead, the schools would like to wait until at least one case of measles is confirmed at their campuses— after which, they are to impose a three-week quarantine on unvaccinated students who may have contracted the disease while at the institution. They, however, offered an incentive for students who opt to be vaccinated during the quarantine period, where they will be allowed to go back to school even before that period is over.

Berkeley Public Health Officer Janet Berreman said that this procedure is standard. “It’s an absolutely standard public health practice and public health recommendation,” she said in an interview with KCBS.

Meanwhile, Marin County Public Health Officer Matt Willis told NPR that they don’t see any need for unvaccinated children to be denied attendance at school unless a confirmed case of measles is actually discovered in their school. “There’s little evidence that excluding unvaccinated children from a school where there’s no evidence of measles transmission would be an effective public health strategy for limiting the spread of disease,” he said.

This is disappointing to parents of children who are highly susceptible to communicable diseases. “There are hundreds of kids in the Bay Area with life-threatening illnesses who cannot be immunized. Babies are at risk. A lot of people are at risk. This goes beyond my child,” Carl Krawitt said in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News.

Oregon Strippers Want Better Work Conditions

Despite the stigma that comes with their job as strippers, dancers who strip their clothes for a living deserve better working conditions too.

And strippers in Oregon are fighting for just that.

With the help of lobbyists who are also intent on improving working conditions for her fellow strippers and exotic dancers— Elle Stanger, who has been working as a mainstay at the Lucky Devil Lounge for five years— is finally getting closer to making this dream a reality.

Stanger insists that stripper or not, every worker must have the right to a just and safe working condition and environment. Although she said she is very much happy about how the Lucky Devil Lounge treats her and how they run things at the club she’s working for, Stanger says not all strippers are as lucky.

She believes, however, that first, the people who are intent on helping her and her colleagues must scrap the idea that strippers are a ‘lost cause’— because according to Stanger, stripper or not, every workplace must prioritize the safety of its workers.

“The hardest part about being a stripper is battling the stigma that we are victims that need help from outsiders. It doesn’t matter if you work in education, clergy, any kind of blue collar work — the people who do the work know what the work environment needs.”

As an assistant editor for a local sex industry publication called Exotic Magazine, Stanger says she’s seen it all— and sadly, according to her, a lot of stripper clubs aren’t as great as the one that she works for.

“Some of the buildings are literally dilapidated and not maintained. You have entertainers that could injure themselves from broken glass on the stage, poor wiring with the sound system. We just want to get these workplaces up to a minimum safety standard at least,” she said.

One operator of an Oregon stripper club, Claude DaCorsi, said that many club owners do take their dancers’ safety very seriously. “We’re here to protect and make safe environments for entertainers. They’re the reason we exist,” said DaCorsi, who is also the Oregon Chapter of the Association of Club Executives’ president.

The association of strippers in the state recently made talks with the National Association of Social Workers, who will be championing the group’s lobbying movement.

This move by the strippers, however, has gotten numerous club owners worried.

DaCorsi asks: “How did it get to this point where entertainers got fed up to the point where they felt we need to enact a law or do some legislation around this?”

Proposed Bill Will Arm Teachers and Let Them Shoot Aggressive Kids

A proposed bill wants to arm teachers and let them shoot kids if the situation calls for it, according to reports.

The bill, penned by Texas Republican state Rep. Dan Flynn, allows for teachers to use ‘deadly force’ on their students if the situation ‘calls for it’.

According to the Teacher’s Protection Act by Flynn, any teacher in the state can be justified in executing a student on any premise where he has express authority— such as the school, a school bus, a venue for a school-sponsored event— for as long as it was done either in self-defense or in an effort to protect school property.

But teachers in Texas think that the proposed bill might be a little too excessive and aggresive.

“I can’t imagine a situation coming up where I would need to do that,” said Heidi Lanagan, a teacher who has 15 years of experience as an educator in the state.

The mere introduction of Flynn’s bill has caused widespread outrage on social media.

Association of Texas Professional Educators Public Relations Director Larry Comer said “This doesn’t add any additional protections, and we’d be surprised if it even got a hearing.”

Comer said that the state as it is today already has many municipal and state laws that provide protection to the teachers of Texas. Among these is the so-called Castle Doctrine which many believe is very much comparable to Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law— which was used in defense of the accused in Trayvon Martin’s death. 17-year-old Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida, in 2012.

Laws governing self-defense in both Texas and Florida allow for individuals to use fatal force during an altercation, even without first attempting to walk away from the confrontation.

The long history of school shootings in Texas paved the way for multiple laws that grant teachers additional ‘disciplinary privileges’ in school. Educational institutions in some districts in Texas already allow teachers to carry concealed weapons around campus; while some lawmakers are still pushing for a “Campus Carry” bill that would further allow educators to freely carry concealed weapons around school campuses.

But many Texans oppose the proposal.

“College life is already rife with academic pressures, alcohol, and drug abuse; forcing schools to introduce guns into the mix is dangerous and doesn’t make sense,” said a representative for Texas Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in a statement.

John Kerry Fined $50 for Not Shoveling Snow on His Front Yard

Despite being one of the most powerful men in the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry still gets apprehended even for the slightest violations.

Even though he’s always busy traveling around the globe to represent the most powerful country in the world (not only to its closest allies but also to its hated enemies)— his powerful title as the Secretary of State was not able to save John Kerry from being penalized with a $50 fine for a seemingly very minor violation.

The famous politician was issued a ticket for failing to shovel the mounting snow in his front yard.

Last week, while he was busy dealing with the chaos in the Middle East, as well as attending the funeral of Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah (alongside no less than the most powerful man in the world himself, President Barack Obama), local authorities in Boston (where Kerry’s residence is located) were busy handing out tickets to violators of its ‘shovel-your-own-frontyard’ policy.

The U.S. Secretary of State was among those violators.

While a mighty blizzard was pounding the streets of New England where Kerry’s home is located, the former senator was still trying to make his way back home from several important trips abroad.

By Thursday morning, Boston local authorities have installed a yellow hazard tape to warn passersby of falling ice and snow from the top of Kerry’s mansion. By 9:45 am that day, local authorities have already issued him a ticket, informing him of his violation and the $50 fine that came with it.

It later on appears that the snow removal company (you didn’t really expect him to personally do all that shoveling, now, did you?) that Kerry’s household employed to get the snow-shoveling job done quickly have falsely believed that the yellow tape that the local authorities installed around the snow pile indicated that the perimeter was off limits. A $50 ticket later, the snow removal company finally realized its mistake and immediately worked on removing the snow from the State Secretary’s front yard.

While addressing the media, Kerry’s spokesman, Glen Johnson, said that the Secretary is just like any other human being on earth— and that means that he also forgets to have some of the necessary household works done from time to time.

“Diplomats — they’re just like us. Secretary Kerry was working overseas while the blizzard packed a wallop back home,” said Kerry’s spokesman.

“The snow has all been shoveled now, the secretary will gladly pay the ticket, and let’s hope this is the last blizzard of the year,” said Johnson.

NASCAR Driver Testifies Ex-Girlfriend is an Assassin

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch testified in court that his ex-girlfriend is a highly dangerous trained assassin. Busch’s testimony came in after ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll accused him of domestic assault while they were still in a relationship.

According to Busch, he had strong reason to believe that Driscoll is a skilled assassin after seeing her leave home in a full camouflage gear, only to come back later that evening in a gown draped in blood— which she allegedly covered up by wearing a trench coat.

In a hearing conducted for Driscoll’s request for a no-contact order, Busch testified that Driscoll is a highly skilled assassin who works for the U.S. government. Busch said that Driscoll was often sent by the government for covert missions all around the globe, claiming that she once told him that one of the characters on the movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’— which was depicted based on real-life events that led to the death of infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden— was actually her.

When his lawyer, Rustin Hardin, inquired why he believed that his ex-girlfriend is a trained killer, Busch responded by saying: “Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand.”

Driscoll, who is currently employed as a ‘defense contractor’, is authorized to carry weapons. Her lawyer, Caroline McNeice, made no objections on the NASCAR driver’s statement while they were in court Tuesday, but denied the allegations while speaking to CNN in an interview conducted the following day. When she was asked about the allegations Busch has made in court, McNeice told: “We deny that entirely.”

According to McNeice:

“Police officers, correction officers and military personnel are trained to use weapons. They’re not assassins.”

The court battle between the former lovers stemmed from an incident in November of last year where Busch allegedly assaulted Driscoll by grabbing her by the throat, subsequently banging her head on the wall for three consecutive times. The incident reportedly occurred at the NASCAR driver’s motor home, which was at the Dover International Speedway.

Busch’s lawyer denies all the allegations against his client. “We know one thing. (Busch) never, ever physically abused her, and we’re real comfortable that that was made clear today — the last two days in particular,” said Hardin.

The state attorney general is still currently conducting investigation and the case is still pending.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Kurt Busch said he was just happy that the “truth got told.”

Police On the Hunt For 12-Year-Old Girl Behind $4.6 Million Diamond Theft

Some thieves need a lot of impeccably skilled manpower, cutting edge gadgets, elaborate master plans and flawless thieving skills to carry out an act of theft in the wee hours of the night.

Most of them even have to risk their own lives in the same manner they are willing to take lives— just to ensure the success of their thieving mission.

Well, they’ve got nothing on a 12-year-old girl who was able to singlehandedly snatch a $4.6 million 117-karat diamond necklace— inside a mall in broad daylight.

A manhunt operation is now underway in Hong Kong as police scramble to find a young girl, whom they described as aged around 12-14 years old, after she singlehandedly pocketed the million-dollar diamond necklace from a front display at a luxury jewelry store in broad daylight on Friday.

The girl, who was wearing a hooded gray sweatshirt, was seen stealing the piece of jewelry on the store’s CCTV footage— all on her own. She was reportedly seen discreetly and singlehandedly stealing the keys to the front display of the Emperor Watch and Jewelry store inside a mall in Hong Kong while three of her adult accomplices distracted shop clerks.

An anonymous tip from a police source told local news South China Morning Post:

“The three adults posed as big spenders and demanded employees show them jewelry in an apparent move to divert staff attention”.

The adult accomplices reportedly posed as some big time spenders, insistent of seeing a number of jewelries in the store to distract the sales staff as the young girl made her way to the 117-karat diamond necklace.

According to the reports, the young thief carefully took the jewelry, slid it inside her pocket and walked confidently out of the shop and out of the mall with her hands inside the pockets of her sweatshirt.

But exactly how she managed to steal the luxurious necklace inside the busy jewelry shop is yet to be confirmed by the Hong Kong police.

Extra security measures are now being taken by the jewelry store following the robbery incident, with several additional security guards deployed just outside the shop.

A spokesman for Emperor Watch and Jewelry told CNN in an interview: “Our first and foremost priority is to comply with the police investigation, but we still have to wait for the results to see what measures can be taken to strengthen the security level.”

American Sniper Film Could ‘Hurt’ Ongoing Chris Kyle Murder Trial

With the American Sniper movie’s massive box office success and numerous Oscar nominations comes the agony of the lawyers defending Chris Kyle’s suspected murderer.

Lawyers defending Kyle’s accused murderer believe it is going to be nearly impossible to find a jury who would remain impartial on the still ongoing trial due to the film’s success.

American Sniper is a movie based on the life of the man dubbed as America’s ‘deadliest sniper’, Chris Kyle— who, in his lifetime, had 160 confirmed kills and an estimated 255 unconfirmed ones while he was stationed as a serviceman in Iraq. Kyle was later on honored with two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, five Bronze Star Medals, and two Silver Star Medals.

To the Iraqis that the U.S. forces were fighting in Iraq, he was known as the “Devil of Ramadi”— but to the comrades he protected, he was simply a “Legend”.

Despite a $20,000 bounty on his head placed by the Iraqi regime they have for years fought against, Kyle was able to leave his post unharmed, returning to the U.S. upon the request of his wife, leaving the Navy honorably.

Back at home he shifted from protecting soldiers on the battlefield to protecting them after they left it. He started a non-profit organization aimed at helping veteran servicemen deal with post-traumatic disorder (PTSD), a condition that most veterans struggle to deal with— which, in some occasions, has cost other people’s lives.

It’s what cost Chris Kyle his.

On Feb. 2, 2013, Kyle’s life, along with his friend’s, was taken by another veteran suffering from PTSD. Kyle took ex-marine Eddie Ray Routh on a target range to help him deal with PTSD, but the day ended tragically, as Routh reportedly shot Kyle and his friend at point blank range.

Nearly three years after Chris Kyle’s death, his murder trial is scheduled to resume on Feb. 11, but lawyers defending Routh fear that their client would never have the chance of an impartial trial, as the movie American Sniper has reached far and wide and with massive success.

“The film will be an issue. I think any case with significant publicity has an issue with picking a jury. I’ve had them in the past, and anything that has significant national attention makes it hard to pick a jury,” said lawyer J. Warren St. John, one of Routh’s representatives, in an interview with People Magazine.

Prosecutors assured, however, that they are not seeking the death penalty against the accused.