Mafia Boss Vows to Kill 9-Year-Old Child 1

Mafia Boss Vows to Kill 9-Year-Old Child

A nine-year-old child’s life is in grave danger after a notorious mafia boss in the island of Sicily has vowed to slaughter him— no matter what the price. The ‘bloodthirsty’ mafia boss, who has...

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Haunted asylum in Auckland

  Kingseat psychiatric hospital in Auckland was opened in 1932 and worked until 1999. Since the time it was closed, several deaths were re-examined because of suspicion that these people have been abused and...

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The UK Election Couldn’t Be Weirder

At the end of December, we posted an article covering some of the Weirdest Political Happenings Of 2014, and there was some pretty strange stuff: Palin family turmoil, the infamous Seth Rogen and James...

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