Baucus Senate Opponent Wants Voters To Know His Personal Flaws

Montana Senator Max Baucus’ opponent, Bob Kelleher, wants to preempt negative campaigning against him. Kelleher wants voters to know that he turned away from the priesthood as a young man because he could not uphold the vow of chastity. Divorced three times, Kelleher admits he walked away from his first wife, mother of six of his children, because he wanted to have “fun.” Kelleher also admits he was not a good father to his seven children.


Kelleher is the 86-year-old former Democrat turned Green turned Republican who received the Republican nomination. Kelleher wants to abolish the Presidency and replace it with a parliamentary system. He also supports a the un-Republican notion of universal health care program. Despite being thrice divorced, Kelleher wants to make divorce harder to get.

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2 Responses to Baucus Senate Opponent Wants Voters To Know His Personal Flaws

  1. Sharktattoo says:

    86 frikin’ years old?!

  2. freepatriot says:

    so Baucus’ seat is solidly in the “Remaining Democrat” column

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