Kansas Mayor Dresses Up As Blackface Drag Queen With A Vulgar Name

Dressing up as a blackface drag queen with a vulgar name is not something most mayors would do. Apparently, Arkansas City Mayor Mel Kuhn is not your typical mayor.

Kuhn said he dressed up for the weekend fundraiser after he got the idea for a character from watching “Norbit” and “Big Momma’s House.” These are films where black men dress up as overweight black women.

Kuhn claims that he did not try to dress up as a black woman. He says he did not have a blackface. Kuhn said blackface is shoe polish, and his was a “tan face.” He also says he “can’t do a black accent.” He claims his character was more like a gypsy.

The character’s name was “Smellishis Poon.” During the talent section, Kuhn brought out backup singers called the “Red Hot Puntangs.”

It is a a bit unbelievable that one politician can offend so many groups at one time.

After meeting with the NAACP, Kuhn apologized for his actions.

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One Response to Kansas Mayor Dresses Up As Blackface Drag Queen With A Vulgar Name

  1. lsmi0811 says:

    I bet you a million dollars the mayor is a jew. These jewish supremacists show his/her true feelings about blacks. That how most ashkenazi jews feels about us, but they hide it by shifting the blame to whites with their media. They tried to be friends to us by promising a better future for our people during the times they dominated the civil rights movements of the 60’s especially in jewish funded and controlled organizations such as the NAACP, UNCF, Urban League, The Nation of Islam, and Black Panther Party. The NAACP, created in 1909, didn’t have a black president until nearly sixty years later. The civil rights movement was a jewish agenda to gain more control of the entertainment, news, education, health, and government beauracracies in order to promote their destructive pogroms such as diversity, homosexuality, feminism, drugs, and hedonism towards us and whites. It was never design to improve black lives. Instead criminal zionist jews have weakened the black and Latino communities throughout the decades by funding the CIA that pour drugs and guns to the Black and Latino communities, infiltrating the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party and killing Black leaders which exposes the zionist agenda towards world domination. Jews used blacks as communist agitators to further advance their agenda. They were no blacks in high positions in the NAACP. These jewish owned record companies fund, produce and distribute degenerate Hip Hop music to those communities. These jewish owned record companies fund, produce and distribute degenerate Hip Hop music to those communities. Jews use their entertainment and news media destructively to to corrupt our minds, to weakened any Black pride and solidarity, and to inculcate self-hatred towards our own kind by promoting negative images of us. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby, and etc are not black leaders. They are under control from a jewish global crime network. They never expose jewish crimes such as USS Liberty Attack, 911, King David Hotel Bombings, JFK Assassination, Apollo Moon Landing Hoax,the Holohoax and countless other crimes. These people try so hard to protect the jewish crime network. You have to ask yourself why they never organize boycotts against jewish controlled Hollywood and record labels. They seems to shift the blame on the White man but not the real culprit. Ever since slavery jews have depicted Blacks as lazy, violent, ignorant subhumans throughout the world. I don’t care what people have been telling but jews have been performing blackface for centuries. They always been our greatest oppressors. Jews dominated the African Slave Trade, but these same people censors the history books so we don’t have an opportunity to learn these facts. Then the jewish media have brainwash us to have a grudge and blame the white man for racial injustice. They try to foment racial fights among their so called goyim (blacks, whites, hispanic, and mongoloids.

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