McCain’s Goofy Face

I first thought this was a doctored photo when I saw it the day after the debates. However, confirmed it as true. Apparently, McCain tried to shake Bob Scheiffer’s hand after the debate, but they each moved in different directions. McCain tried to make light of the misstep, but his playfulness makes him look goofy.

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  1. Jeff Smith says:

    I don’t know where the author Glenn Church gets the information that “McCain tried to make light of the misstep, but his playfulness makes him look goofy”; no source is given. But the photographer who took the picture explains what he saw. See
    I am not certain that it was “playfulness”. John McCain has exhibited some odd physical behavior a few times during the campaign.

  2. Glenn Church says:

    There are very few articles in Foolocracy that do not have their source. If you click on the link in the article for Snopes, you will find that snopes writes that McCain was acting out his misstep to Schieffer.
    I also read your link and it may very well be true what the photographer thinks. However, the photographer is going to have a limited view of the entire stage when he is looking through a lens so he may have missed something as well.
    I do agree that McCain has shown some strange physical behavior. A week or two I embedded a video where it appeared McCain might be having a mini-stroke while giving a speech.
    Who knows what was going on with McCain in this photo? All we do know is he does look goofy, and I’m open to any reasonable explanation.

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