Texans Want Bush’s Name Added To Courthouse

midlandcourthouseIn Midland, Texas, George Bush remains popular. Bush is so popular that the Midland County Courthouse will probably be named after him. Only two Democrats of the thirty-two Texas representatives in the House have failed to sign onto the idea.

However, Bush will have to share the name with his father and Democratic Congressman. The proposed name is a mouthful: “George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush United States Courthouse and George Mahon Federal Building.”

They may as well name it the “George Building.” Yet if someone is going to name something after Bush, it might as well be so long that no one will bother to mention it.

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21 Responses to Texans Want Bush’s Name Added To Courthouse

  1. drunkfoulfilthybeast says:

    The only place deserving the Bush name would be the local sewer plant. As far as I am concerned, any city’s dog pound named after this primate, would insult the occupants therein, the DOGS!!!!

  2. CLM says:

    Um, the Texas Lege isn’t known for representing actual Texans. You might want to fix that headline.

  3. YuvbinDuped says:

    How appropriate. A courthouse with a criminals name on it.

    The rule of law in America has long since been undermined by the very individuals that are elected to serve and protect it. That being the U.S. Constitution which has been stripped bare by these suited villians.

    Time for accountability in America. Time to take our country back!

  4. buck says:

    I’d like to see his name on a prison cell door.

  5. bleahey says:

    The picture is the Midland County courthouse. The building they want to name after Bush, even though it is already named for someone else, is the federal courthouse, not pictured.

  6. Dr. Wu says:

    “The only place deserving the Bush name would be the local sewer plant.”

    Sewer plants provide a valuable public service, generally competently and at a reasonable cost. In other words, nothing remotely related to the Bush administration.

  7. Bush=4LW says:

    Only a nuclear waste dump could take the name of GWB. Poisonous then, now, and for hundreds, if not thousands of years. A legacy of toxicity.

  8. gg says:

    NO..& not even an aircraft carrier.

  9. Jizzmatic says:

    This is another example of why Texas is the asshole of America.

  10. skyreader7 says:

    Aren’t there still a few outhouses out there? W wouldn’t have to share; he could have one of his own.

  11. normanx says:

    Since ‘justice’ in Texas is reserved for the rich or privileged, it seems only fitting. Sure… go ahead… name your courthouse for a bona fide war criminal who broke laws both domestically and internationally. Go ahead and name your hall of justice for a man who has left this country in the worst shape since Herbert Hoover. Go right ahead. I already avoid Texas at most every chance I get… and here’s just one more reason.

    In fact, why doesn’t Texas seek to become a republic again? The biggest mistake (other then then allow George W. Bush into the White House) that the United States made was letting Texas into the union… when all they wanted to be was their own country.

    Let’s give Texas back to the Texans… let their motto be: Bring us your racist, your violent, your gun totin’, your fascists…

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