Canadian Candidate Withdraws After Racy Facebook Photos

A British Columbia New Democratic Party Candidate ended his candidacy after two racy images of him on Facebook became public.

Ray Lam said in a statement:      

raylam“I regret this material and the associated comments that have now become public.”

“I do not want this to be a distraction in the election campaign and have advised the party that I am stepping down.”

Lam had made an unofficial bid for city council last year. He intended to run on a platform of youth, environmental, gay and lesbian issues.

When he announced his candidacy, Lam said, “I have a lot of ideas around sustainability and youth. I don’t want to be branded as the gay councillor.”

To avoid that he should have kept his pants up.

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3 Responses to Canadian Candidate Withdraws After Racy Facebook Photos

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  2. Kvatch says:

    Just goes to show that the consequences of ‘youthful indiscretion’ are now more serious than ever.

  3. Charlie says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

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