Is There a Guillotine Coming To A Train Station Near You?

guillotineDid you know there are 30,000 guillotines on military bases in this country?

Yep, they are just sitting there waiting for the Obama administration to give the okay so Americans can be herded into the blades and their organs harvested.

At least that is what some people who are crazier than the birthers think.

The latest paranoid delusion making the rounds is that these “guillotines” are waiting to execute U.S. dissidents. Some of the guillotines are supposed to go into specially designed boxcars, ready to roll into your hometown and slice the heads off Limbaugh listeners and Jesus believers. I assume the organs will be used to keep alive bloated liberals who have grown fat, limp and stale from living on the public dole.

The federal government must have given quite a stimulus to the guillotine factories for this one.  The claim is that there are both imported and made in the USA guillotines stored away on those bases.

I did not know guillotine manufacturing was such a big and competitive business.

Retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson claims there are 1,000 camps to imprison Americans and 500,000 caskets in Georgia and Montana stashed for the remains after the beheadings.

It sounds to me like someone from the federal government’s procurement department really messed this one up. It does not take 30,000 guillotines to fill 500,000 caskets? Besides, if there are going to be mass killings, why waste the money on caskets. Did not the Khmer Rouge or Stalin just bulldoze the bodies into pits?

I guess the Obama administration cannot even subvert the Constitution properly. No wonder there is so much opposition to health care reform. They cannot even execute dissidents without running up the deficit unnecessarily. It would be so much easier if the job was simply left to the death panels.

It is hard to imagine that people can make this stuff up and believe it too.

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3 Responses to Is There a Guillotine Coming To A Train Station Near You?

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  3. Ana says:

    Someone just told me this today and I asked her what she was smoking. I did some research and this rumor has been out there for almost 15 years, so it has nothing to do with Obama. The rumor actually started at the end of the Clinton presidency. Seems this former F.B.I agent is just another person drumming up controversy in the hopes of cashing in. As per the coffins that can supposedly hold 5 people, they might not actually be coffins at all but something for some other purpose or use. Who knows? Again, this is another rumor that’s been out there a long time. What is sad is that people have such empty lives that they have to waste time on bs like this when they can be doing something productive or enriching.

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