Macho Man Putin Adds To His Resume Of Feats

This makes it a hands down contest. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has it as the world’s most macho world leader.

Putin’s latest feat had him diving into Lake Baikal in M-1, the mini-submarine that in 2008 set a world record for the deepest dive into a lake. Putin went to 4,600 feet and remain submerged for four hours. Afterwards, he commented on the beautiful flora and fauna of the lake.

“I could see how Baikal is, in all its grandeur, in all its greatness,” Putin said.

putinjudoRussian journalists asked if Putin’s next adventure might be to the International Space Station, but Putin demurred saying there was plenty to do on earth.

Over the last few years, Putin has engaged in numerous activities cementing his reputation as a politician-adventurer.


He has fished bare-chested, holds a black belt in judo, tagged a tiger in Siberia, tagged a Beluga whale and now ridden a submarine to the depths of the world’s largest lake.

What more is there to expect from Russia’s strongman? He has clearly mastered the importance of image in politics. Now the only thing that eludes him is the principles of democracy.

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