Idaho GOP Leader Convicted Of Stalking, Tossing Used Condoms

blakehallBlake Hall, a prominent Idaho Republican leader, resigned his position on the Republican National Committee prior to being sentenced for stalking his ex-girlfriend. Hall had been a member of the RNC since 1990.

Hall was given a six-month sentence. All but 15 days was suspended, which seems light considering the circumstances. Hall’s attorney referred to it as a “severe penalty.”

This was not your usual kind of stalking. At one time, Hall accosted her in a Wal-Mart and took her car keys until they could discuss her impending marriage to another man. Despite her request that he leave her alone, Hall repeatedly followed her into restaurants, stores, movie theatres and to her home from March to August this year. These incidents eventually bestowed a 900-foot restraining order on Hall.

The truly bizarre part of the story is that on 10 separate occasions, Hall tossed 19 used condoms onto his ex-girlfriends front lawn.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Hall tossed used condoms onto her lawn.

Because he tossed multiple condoms on at least some of those occasions, this means that he had to keep used condoms in his home, car, pocket or wherever saved up for his next drive-by toss at his ex-girlfriend’s place. Yech!

“I was so tired of being victimized. It is unimaginable that a 56-year-old would be so deviant,” Hall’s ex-girlfriend said.

And such a litterer too!

All this is from a man who should know better. He is an attorney. He served nine years on the state Board of Education. He also served as a sergeant-of-arms at the last Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

blake-hall-codepinkHere, Blake is photographed manhandling a liberal, Code Pink feminist at last year’s convention. With a man as perverted as this, I bet he got enough thrills out of that to fill at least one condom.

The Idaho Republican Party did not have much to say about Hall’s conviction except that they “appreciate that he put the Party first by submitting his resignation.”

Actually, the only thing Hall put first was the condoms, but I guess this is one of those things hard for the Republican Party to talk about.

The Judge who sentenced Hall said, “I’ve never seen (a stalking case) this extensive where it lasted so long and (was) such an invasion of privacy.”

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