American-Trained Pakistani Spy Calls Taliban “Big-Hearted”

TalibanbeatingThis is just too shocking of a quote to pass up.

Retired Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar, once a major figure in Pakistan’s spy agency ISI, said that the Taliban is ready to talk.

This comes on the heels of an attempt by the U.S, and its allies to buy off Taliban fighters by purchasing their weapons and giving them jobs.

Tarar, who has worked with the CIA and was schooled in guerrilla warfare at Ft. Bragg, also trained Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar as a guerrilla fighter against the Soviets.

Tarar said that any attempts to split the Taliban will fail unless Omar is included. The reason is, and get this, because the Taliban are “big-hearted.”

“If a sincere message comes from the Americans, these people (the Taliban) are very big-hearted. They will listen. But if you try to divide the Taliban, you’ll fail. Anyone who leaves Mullah Omar is no more Taliban. Such people are just trying to deceive,” said Tarar.

Those big-hearted guys known as the Taliban are the same people who destroyed the historical Buddha statues at Bamyan, closed schools for girls, massacred thousands of civilians at Mazar and have directed their attacks on unarmed civilians.

Quite a big heart.

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