Chavez Proclaims: “I Am The People”

Like or dislike Hugo Chavez, it looks like it is time for him to go. When the leader of a country sees himself as irreplaceable or more than just the leader of a nation, it is time for the boot.

At a rally to motivate his supporters for this year’s legislative elections, the Venezuelan President expressed what he thinks of himself.

“I am the people.”

No, not just Hugo Chavez; not the President of Venezuela; nope, he is the people.

“I am not an individual, I am the people. It’s my duty to demand respect for the people.”

Just to make sure nothing was misunderstood, Chavez followed up that egotistical claim with more.

“I demand absolute loyalty to my leadership… anything else is betrayal.”

What a great idea for a democracy, or what is left of one in Venezuela.

It makes one wonder how there is space for other people in a room once Chavez sticks his head in there.chavezpeople

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