South Carolina Lt. Governor “Fool Of The Week”

Andre_BauerfoolSouth Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer earns “Fool of the Week” not just for comparing the feeding of stray animals to government assistance but for suggesting that free and reduced lunches for children be eliminated if government-assisted parents do not attend PTA meetings.

Bauer is running to replace Mark Sanford as South Carolina’s governor.

Bauer’s intention to get more parent involvement in their children’s school is laudable, but leaving a child hungry is all wrong. The kids who end up without the lunches are going to be the ones who have parents who do not care. Those children have enough problems being raised with parents like that, now Bauer wants to cut lunch out for them.

Bauer’s proposal does not sound like a compassionate conservative but a misguided one. Instead of punishing the child for the errors of the parent, he should turn his focus on ways to punish the parent.

Here is the earlier story by Foolocracy on Bauer’s idea.

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