Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Still Lying

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been relatively quiet since his 2008 sentence for perjury. He has also been out on probation.

Kilpatrick was ordered to pay restitution for some of the $1 million in legal bills for prosecuting his case.

Upon his release last year, Kilpatrick claimed that he could only pay $6 a month.

Kilpatrick forgot to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and loans from friends, supporters and businessmen. A lot of people owed Kilpatrick favors since he ran Detroit more like a criminal gangster than a mayor.

Kilpatrick also forgot to mention the six-figure salary that he receives from software manufacturer Compuware.

A judge was not pleased with Kilpatrick’s hiding of his assets and ordered him to get his affairs in order by May 25 for a return to jail.

Kilpatrick claimed that he needed the money to keep his extravagant lifestyle so that he could earn money to pay his restitution. Try to figure the logic behind that one. Kilpatrick’s past lifestyle has included diamond-studded ear rings and frequent visits to nightclubs.

No one is surprised that Kilpatrick is trying to slip his away out of the conditions of his sentencing. The big surprise is why a company like Compuware would want to pay a convicted liar to sell their products.

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