Jester’s Court — April 4, 2010


  • If Barack Obama wants to sell the country on his health care bill, he needs to do better than the 17-minute answer he gave to a question in North Carolina.
  • There must be something about elections and Alabama. Three candidates had their ballot designations rejected because they were using nicknames or names out of the ordinary. The rejected names included DR Robert Bentley, Judge Roy Moore and “Cowboy” Peterson.
  • South Africa’s most notorious white supremacist has been slain, raising concerns of turmoil just weeks before the World Cup comes to that nation in June.
  • Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said that a Palestinian state will be declared in 2011.
  • Senator John McCain uploaded a picture of himself to his Twitter account, but someone redirected it to a gay porn website known as “Guys with iPhones.”
  • Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Republican, is asking for an investigation of the Florida Republican Party because of secret deals and financial mismanagement. “It’s a mess. This thing stinks,” said Crist.
  • Governor Mark Sanford paid the largest ethics violation fine in South Carolina’s history. Sanford left a check for $74,000. He also paid $36,498 in reimbursement to the state for its investigation. In addition, Sanford paid $29,736 for personal and travel expenses.
  • In response to talk of putting Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill, an Ohio Congressman intends to introduce legislation to keep Ulysses Grant on the bill.
  • Three months after a Nevada judge granted a divorce to Governor Jim Gibbons and his wife Dawn, the divorce remains in limbo because they are unable to sell  jointly owned property in the poor real estate market.

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