Former Canadian Official Claims Aliens Already Here; Says Hawking Just Trying To Scare People

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of National Defence, has taken issue with physicist Steven Hawking.

Hawking recently sounded the alarms that the discovery of extraterrestrial life is probably inevitable, and some discoveries may involve advanced life forms.

Hawking said we should not be so anxious for that contact. Historically, when an advanced civilization meets a more primitive one, things do not turn out well for the less advanced civilization. Our attempts to contact ET are like the Aztecs throwing into the sea a bottle with a note inviting the Spanish to come visit.

Hellyer, who served in the Canadian Parliament for decades and ran for the Liberal Party leadership, believes that Hawking is needlessly spreading “pretty scary talk.”

Hellyer believes the aliens are already here.

“The reality is that they’ve (aliens) been visiting Earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge,” said Hellyer.

“Microchips, for example, fiber-optics, they are just two of the many things that allegedly — and probably for real — came from crashed vehicles,” added Hellyer.

Forget that special gift of human ingenuity. It looks like that as a specie we can master fire and create a bow, but once it gets the advanced stuff, then we need our alien friends to lend a hand. Kind of makes one wonder about Bill Gates terrestrial origins, doesn’t it? It seemed unnaturally human to make that much money.

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny said that Hellyer approached him in 2005 about setting up a commission to explore the influence of extraterrestrials. “Out of the blue, he starts talking about extraterrestrials and how they’re everywhere and they have these immense powers,” said Kenny.

Too bad Hellyer does not reveal one of his alien friends at a news conference. We could use some of those “immense powers” to solve the nuclear proliferation problem. Until that happens, I’ll keep listening to Hawking.

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4 Responses to Former Canadian Official Claims Aliens Already Here; Says Hawking Just Trying To Scare People

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  2. Murray Wilde says:

    Odd that you would so readily accept Hawking’s prophecy of contact with extraterrestrial life, yet mock Hellyer for a similar belief; the only difference being that Hellyer thinks the aliens have already landed.

    Hawking has stated that the ET’s won’t look like anything we might expect, so who’s to say that they haven’t taken human form? If you’re going to play the part of the skeptic Mr. Church, at least be consistent.

    Hellyer’s past writings and evidence of government corruption validate him as someone who shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’d certainly put my trust in Hellyer’s cognitive abilities before I would Hawking’s, but then again I’ve never been one to pander to political correctness or the status quo.

    Besides, I think it’s more judicious to believe that aliens would want to befriend us, rather than devastate mankind. Cultivating a mindset of fear and aggression has caused enough strife in our own civilization without extending the conflict to other planets.

    With any luck, maybe the spacemen will provide some divine intervention and clean up the holy mess our leaders have made on this realm.

  3. Glenn Church says:

    I don’t know what ET might look like, but I do like Hawking’s view that we should not assume that ET is going to be our buddy. The judicious view is to be cautious.

    I belittle Hellyer because he does not have proof that ET is here, but makes the claim that they are. Hawking’s views are suggestions not fact. Just because Hellyer might have said some reliable things in the past does not mean this idea is one of them.

  4. Murray Wilde says:

    True enough, but what puzzles me is why so many cling to every word a theorist and self-proclaimed mystic has to say. Hawking’s entire career has been built around supposition and suggestion. At least Hellyer was able to predict the economic meltdown, though perhaps it was ET who gave him the heads up.:)

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