Bin Laden Hunter Gary Faulkner Speaks Out

When I first heard of Gary Faulkner’s mission to find Osama bin Laden, I figured he must have been certifiably crazy. While it appears he is sane, he is definitely volatile and a unique character. Going to Pakistan seven times and wandering around in some of the most dangerous parts of that country might be crazy, but Faulkner seems to know the risks he took and appears to have gotten along with the Pakistanis, for whom he has a lot of respect.

However, it is surprising that he did not get his head lopped off by al-Qaeda sympathizers. I can’t imagine Faulkner wandering around Pakistan incognito.

I still find it hard to believe that he got as close to bin Laden as he said he did.

Contrary to media reports, Faulkner was never arrested, detained or captured by the Pakistani authorities. He said that his “cover was blown” and the Pakistanis were simply protecting him until they could get him on an airplane back to the U.S.

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