McCain States What Everyone Already Know: Time for “Regime Change in North Korea”

This is stating the obvious. The world’s been pining for a regime change for the last 60 years.

McCain said that we should “put significant pressures” on North Korea. Great idea, but how is that going to happen Senator?

McCain said the Chinese should be more responsible for restraining North Korea. He thinks it is in their interest for a more civil North Korea. Yes, China does not want a war on the Korean Peninsula, but the Chinese do not want a reunified Korea under the mold of South Korea. That would put American soldiers on the Chinese border. Considering that from the Chinese perspective, putting up with the North Korean antics is preferable to the Chinese.

Every foreign policy expert in the world says the same thing. North Korea ramps up hostilities with South Korea so it can milk the international community for more aid.

If the Chinese do not want to do anything, there is not much anyone else can do. Destabilizing North Korea by cutting all aid may bring the North Koreans to even riskier behavior and war. North Korea has nothing to lose because it has nothing. The leadership clings to its special status and has no reason to give that up. They will not go peacefully.

The regime change that McCain and everyone else in the world wants is not going to happen until Kim Jong-il  dies. Maybe, just maybe there will be a power struggle. North Korea may be built as a brick fortress but its mortar is rotten. All it needs is a push from the inside, at the right time.

No one, not McCain, John Bolton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton has come up with a way to make that regime change come faster. That is because there is not a magic solution.

North Korea is like what Mark Twain or someone said about the weather. “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

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