John Edwards Likely Engaged to Mistress Rielle Hunter

It didn’t take Johnny long.

Elizabeth Edwards has not been buried long enough for her children’s tears to dry, and the National Enquirer is already reporting that John Edwards is engaged to Rielle Hunter.

Although it is the Enquirer reporting this, it was the Enquirer that broke the news of Edwards’ affair with Hunter when no one in the mainstream media would pay attention.

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Edwards called the story “absolutely untrue.”

That means we can either believe the Enquirer or Edwards. Hmm, I guess its time to head down to the supermarket and pick up a copy of the Enquirer.

This comparison harks back to the scene in “Men in Black” where Tommy Lee Jones tells Will Smith that the only truthful news about aliens is in the tabloids. That is about the way it is with John Edwards.

Is there any politician in America more unsympathetic than John Edwards?

As the Enquirer reports, “(Edwards) is buying a luxury $3.5 million beachfront home where they can live happily ever after with their love child.”

It is likely that he will wait sometime for his ex-wife’s funeral to pass, but in time photos of him and Hunter will appear, then they will get married and the rest of the country will get sick with disgust.

Whatever happened to the wholesome sex scandals like Monica Lewinsky crawling under the Oval Office desk or Mark Sanford hiking the Appalachia Trial in Argentina?

If you think that John Edwards is going to disappear slowly into the political sunset, think again. Andrew Young, the former aide to Edwards who was wrapped up in this scandal, turned over the Edwards-Hunter sex tapes to a North Carolina court. In the months ahead, this story is going to get a lot saucier.

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