Anti-Gay Candidates Seek Theocracy in El Paso; Claim God Created Tsunami

El Paso has a city council election coming up in May and one of the big issues is expanding health benefits to domestic partners of gay city workers. This has riled up some religious city residents who think this is pure sin.

At least one candidate determined to rescind the domestic partner benefits is running in each city council race.

God has yet to vote on the candidates running under His name

In District 1, minister Manny Hinojosa is running against the incumbent. According to what Hinojosa said recently, there probably is no need to have an election. Who could beat God’s handpicked candidate?

“I’ve got God and the Holy Spirit on my side and if you ever get on your knees and pray you’ll find out,” said Hinojosa.

Candidates like Hinojosa are supported by El Pasoans For Traditional Family Values. The leader of this loose group of community members, Barney Field, said that Christians “didn’t resist” the “erosion” of their values, but now is the “time to take a stand.”

“Jesus said the greatest commandments are to love God and love each other. I live by those commandments,” Field said.

There is obvious irony in stating that people should love one another while seeking to deny health benefits to those who do love each other.

Irony and being the self-professed chosen of God are not all that these candidates have to set them apart from the usual civic-minded candidates.

Malcolm McGregor is running in District 8 with the promise of a Christian, theocratic agenda for El Paso. Theocracies have generally died away in modern times, but Iran stands as an example of what one looks like. Of course, that is a Muslim theocracy. McGregor and his ilk undoubtedly see a Christian theocracy as different.

Again, this group of Christian, theocratic candidates must seem inevitable for El Paso. Surely, God would not accept anything less. Perhaps to prove that point, McGregor pointed to the earthquake and tsunami that has killed thousands of Japanese.

“Japan had built tsunami walls along their coasts but this tsunami was bigger than that. No matter what you say, they either weren’t blessed with protection or they were cursed with an earthquake. God did say, Christ did say that earthquakes would increase in the last days and that’s what we’re seeing,” McGregor said.

That’s right. God cursed the Japanese. It must be true because it’s straight from the mouths of His handpicked candidates in El Paso.

It always amazes me how those who claim to have a loving God can justify the death of thousands by putting the responsibility for those deaths on Him.

There is a video of McGregor’s words here.

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