Canadian Politician Explains how Photo of His Penis got on Twitter

George Lepp

Just as the allegations that Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York tweeted a picture of his penis appear to be a prank, another politician, this one in Canada, is explaining how a graphic image of his penis ended up on Twitter.

Progressive Conservative candidate George Lepp said that he was jostled by Anime fans dressed in costume outside a convention he was leaving, and they stole his Blackberry.

Lepp claims that those who stole his Blackberry then posted a picture of a penis on his Twitter account. The image was taken down 20 minutes later.

CNEWS reports on how the picture was taken.

“Alan Sakach, communications director for the Ontario Conservatives, said the photo was inadvertently taken by Lepp’s BlackBerry when it was in his front pocket. The photo was posted after someone took it from the candidate for the riding of Niagara Falls, Ont., according to Sakach.

“Sakach said the device was operating on camera mode in his front pant pocket when it went missing. He added that Lepp suspects it was taken as he was jostled by protestors outside the Dixon Rd. convention centre where the Tories met for the party’s weekend convention.”

Clear images were captured of the tweet. The picture has not been widely distributed because it is considered highly graphic. It shows a man naked from the waist down with his penis clearly visible. The photos can be seen here, but they are a bit graphic even for Foolocracy’s low standards.

Unlike the controversy with Weiner, which has hints that it was a setup by a conservative operative, Lepp’s story has lots of holes.

It simply is not feasible for a camera to take a picture while inside a pocket of anything but a pocket. It is possible that Lepp’s pants’ pocket has a hole, but that does not fit with the photo of a man naked from the waist down.

An Anime-costumed pickpocket has a suspicious ring to it as well. Most people who try to pick pocket are not dressed up as cartoon characters but prefer a bit more anonymity.

After this questionable story was circulated, Lepp returned with a fresh version, stating that the photo was not of him but probably of the person who stole the Blackberry.

Alan Sakach later denied that he said the photo was taken accidentally from inside Lepp’s pocket. The Toronto Sun, which first posted Sakach’s comments, has not retracted them nor has it been asked to retract them.

Perhaps someone did steal the Blackberry from Lepp’s pocket or perhaps he misplaced it after taking a photo of himself. Whatever the story, it is an unusual coincidence that similar tweeted images of politicians’ genitals should become stories at the same time.

Weiner wants the world to believe that he was the victim of a prank. Lepp continues to argue that he was robbed.

“I am simply the victim of a crime,” Lepp said.

Maybe so, but Lepp’s story is harder to explain than Weiner’s.

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