Jester’s Court — May 26, 2011


  • NASA’s new “deep space transportation system.”
  • Secret parts of the Patriot Act?
  • Los Angeles is handling its decennial redistricting by using cloud-based software that allows voters to propose their own plans and changes.
  • NASA has finally given up on the Mars rover “Spirit.” It lasted for six years, far longer than the few months originally anticipated of it.
  • New conspiracy: The Tucson shootings were a hoax, No explanation yet for the blood and scars.
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s advisor on pedophilia has been arrested for…pedophilia.
  • San Francisco’s anti-circumcision movement is spreading.
  • Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has been accused of plagiarism amid claims that he ripped off one of United States President Barack Obama’s own speeches to welcome him to Ireland.
  • Saudi men are countering a protest about the country’s driving ban for women by pushing a campaign to beat women who get out of line.
  • The Taliban said that they have no plans to attack Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Go ahead, trust them.
  • Donald Trump thinks the birth certificate released by Barack Obama is a forgery.
  • Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s rich friends are supposedly trying to cut a seven figure deal with the family of the maid that he is accused of assaulting.
  • The Westboro Baptist Church may be heading to Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday at about the same time as Barack Obama. Their message: “Thank God for 125 dead.”
  • Donald Trump may run for president as an independent candidate next year.
  • The extension on the Patriot Act will be signed by the President, but not in person as he is in France, but by an autopen.
  • Following the Chinese example, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il may start experimenting with free market reforms.
  • A Washington state health board decided to eliminate its new slogan for colon testing because some thought “What’s up your butt?” offensive.
  • Barack Obama is outperforming his predecessors in one important area. His administration has had a lack of scandals.
  • Chinese prisoners are being forced to play online games like World of Warcraft and then turn their rewards over to their guards.

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