White House’s Disinformation Campaign on the President’s Beer

If you can’t trust a president about beer, then what can you believe?

Shortly after Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALS, the White House must have become concerned that al-Qaeda would slip some poison into the president’s beer while on his trip to Ollie Hayes’ pub in Moneygall, Ireland.

The Daily Mail and others (including Foolocracy) did a story about Obama’s plan to bring his own beer to Ireland. For a beer drinker, that is about as sacrilegious as a foodie carting his own Cajun cooking to Louisiana. Nevertheless, the Secret Service’s concerns seemed legitimate, so everyone went along with the story.

To keep things safe, Obama’s security people were supposed to bring their own kegs to the bar. No Guinness for Obama this time around.

Well, the White House lied. Nixon said he was not a crook; Clinton said that he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky; Obama promised to bring his own beer.

As you can see in the video, the President is drinking his glass of black Guinness with gusto. They don’t make a fine brew like that at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Perhaps the White House changed its plans in the last 10 days, but I missed it. More likely, they made a last-minute change, not wanting to pass up a wonderful photo or the beer.

If there is any redemption for Obama in this scandalous beer episode, then it is his courage to drink some traditional Irish beer. When Reagan came to Ireland, he stayed away from Guinness and tried another beer, but did not finish it. Clinton took a sip of Guinness during his Irish visit but did not want to be photographed drinking a beer. Of course, back in the states, Clinton was often seen eating at a fast food joint. Beer is bad, but grease is good. George W. Bush was not even given a beer because he is a recovering alcoholic. Obama, on the other hand, downed most of his drink.

All right, it is not Watergate. Perhaps some White House lies can be forgiven.

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