A Weiner of a Fool

When the initial story about Rep. Anthony Weiner’s tweet of his shorts came out, it made sense that someone could have hacked into his Twitter account to embarrass him. Most people would probably believe Weiner if he gave the standard denial and the facts backed him up.

Yet in the process of responding to the media reports, Weiner proceeded to dig a hole that has become nearly impossible to dig out. He continued to maintain that his account was hacked but he was not sure if the image of a penis in the underwear was his. That makes Anthony Weiner the only man in America uncertain of the size of his manhood.

That Weiner was not able to determine if the size of his organ and the type of briefs were his or not lingers as highly implausible. Weiner made some vague comment that he was not sure if the image was photoshopped. If nothing else, that strongly suggests Weiner has been taking pictures of himself in the nether regions and posting them someplace that can be hacked into.

New information digs the hole deeper.

On the night of the offending tweet, Weiner was at a hockey game. He was tweeting from that game with an app called TweetDeck. As it stands, the tweet of his wiener also came from TweetDeck. Yes, it is possible someone still hacked into his Twitter account and made the hack look authentic by using the same app Weiner was using. It is also possible someone hacked into his TweetDeck account. However, it makes another hurdle for Weiner to explain. Weiner has not been adept at explaining things of late.

Fortunately for Weiner, the sagging economy and ballooning deficit will eventually shove this story out of the limelight. However, questions will remain because most people now have doubts about Weiner’s veracity. This is not an issue that is going to shake the nation to its foundation, but it is a dangerous issue for any politician’s credibility.

Whatever Weiner did or did not do, his bungling explanations are pure foolishness.

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One Response to A Weiner of a Fool

  1. Charlie Sommers says:

    Shouldn’t that read TweetDick rather than TweetDeck?

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