Shocking Racist Ad Targets California Special Election

This makes the Willie Horton and Swift Boat ads look like kindergarten games.

A special election in California’s 36th Congressional District pits Democrat Janice Hahn against Republican Craig Huey. Turn Right USA Pac put out this hit piece claiming that Hahn has friends who are gangsters.

I almost want to laugh at the ad, but that would be like laughing at Nero as he burns Rome. This is what politics is becoming — pure trash.

Huey’s campaign has not distanced itself from the ad, nor has the Los Angeles Republican Party. The state Republican Party had the common sense to get as far from this thing as possible.

California Republican Party spokesperson Mark Standriff said, “The video in question is highly offensive and totally inappropriate and has no connection whatsoever to the Huey campaign or the California Republican Party.”

The ad has two black gangsters with a faceless white woman shaking her rear between them. At the end, the woman’s face is revealed. Guess who it is?

This is a must see because it cannot be explained. Keep the barf bag handy though.

If this is the new politics, then this country is through.

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One Response to Shocking Racist Ad Targets California Special Election

  1. Kathy says:

    I love the demonic red eyes. So realistic … NOT.

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