San Diego Considering Taxing Cats

A proposal before the San Diego City Council would require a $25 licensing fee for cats. Proponents of the idea state that even if 5% of the estimated 373,000 cats in the city are licensed that would bring in over $500,000. Of course, many of the people who take care of multiple cats will probably find a $25 fee, plus vaccination costs not worth it. They will just turn the cats loose. This is a recipe for exploding the feral cat population.

As the critics point out, there is little reason to require cat registration. The cats aren’t a threat to people like wandering dogs. They may be unsightly and messy in a group, but they don’t cost animal control $25 each per year. Licensing cats does make for a nice revenue enhancement for animal control though.

Perhaps they need to add a tax on tropical fish too. After all, flushing them down the toilet does gum up the sewer system. Other municipalities, like Madison, Wisconsin, have implemented similar licensing procedures. This is an idea that is not going away, but its not because it will protect cats. It is for the revenue it will bring. Eventually, other pets will be included too.

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