Taiwan City Turns Dog Poop into Gold

Author: Yohan euano4 (CC)

Cleaning up after Fido is never fun, but a city in northern Taiwan is offering to turn dog droppings into gold. Residents of New Taipei City will be provided the opportunity for an unusual lottery.

Turning in bags of dog poo to city officials will result in tickets for prizes featuring three gold ingots worth approximately $2,000, $600 and $400. There are an unlimited number of tickets available.

Free poo bags are available for city residents. In addition, rewards are being given to people who photograph those who clean up after their dogs. At the same time, special patrols to catch those who don’t pick up after their dogs are being increased.

New Taipei City must have a serious problem for these actions, but there is one notable flaw that I see in their plan. What prevents dog owners from picking up their faithful friend’s droppings at home and turning them into the city for a ticket? The streets may be cleaner, but city officials are going to have more bags of dog poop than they bargained for.

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  1. Great report! Thanks for sharing! And if there are enough bags, why stop at bagging in only dog poop? – Just thoughts … ;)

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