Belgian Mayor Caught Having Sex in Public

Four years ago, Ilse Uyttersprot, the mayor of the Belgian city of Aalst, was visiting a Spanish castle with her fiancé. They paid $5 for a group tour, but then separated themselves from the group, climbed to the top of a tower and surrendered to their urge.

It remains a mystery why the video has not gathered wide attention for four years, but it has now.

Uyttersprot, who in the video seems to be enjoying herself more than her fiancé, who looks around nervously, at least until he licks his fingers at the end of the act, said this was a personal matter.

“It is my private life and that is something that happened four years ago,” she said. “It has no political relevance.”

Sorry, but claiming that public sex by a public official is a private matter is an argument from which she should abstain. Speaking of abstinence, it does have its place, like public places.

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