Jester’s Court — August 2, 2011


  • The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is set to begin.
  • It only cost the U.S. $1.7 billion to have the debt ceiling debate.
  • An incredulous federal judge rejected Kansas’ claim that a statute denying Planned Parenthood federal funding did not target the group, ruling that the law unconstitutionally intended to punish Planned Parenthood for advocating for abortion rights and would likely be overturned.
  • Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is getting some support from Italian models who have travelled to his country to show solidarity.
  • 52% of Americans disapprove of the debt ceiling increase bill.
  • Josef Stalin liked to scrawl comments about his political enemies over nude photos.
  • British voters have delivered a scathing end-of-term report on the country’s political leaders by comparing Prime Minister David Cameron and Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband to snakes and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to a sheep.
  • Vladimir Putin’s unusual campaign for the Russian presidency continues as scantily-clad young Russian women showed their support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by staging a sexy car wash in downtown Moscow last week.
  • Researchers concluded that people have a tendency to overestimate the power of political messages to influence others’ opinions.
  • The United States never planned ”detaining or capturing” Osama bin Laden during the secret military operation in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city.
  • Jon Huntsman said that Michele Bachmann’s looks are driving the media attention to her campaign.
  • Alabama’s tough new immigration law runs counter to the state’s constitution which encourages immigration.
  • Sarah Palin: “Heck, if we were real terrorists Obama would pal around with us.”
  • A Nebraska candidate for Cass County Sheriff in 2010 will have all charges dropped against him after spending three days in jail prior to the election.
  • Newt Gingrich is not the only presidential candidate selling campaign T-shirts made outside the United States. The same is true for Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Herman Cain.
  • Now that the debt ceiling debate is over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is taking his negotiation skills to resolving the partial shutdown of the FAA. In other words, he is ready to agree to Republican conditions.
  • Taiwan has admitted that China could soon overpower it militarily.

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