Jester’s Court — August 30, 2011


  • Now Barack Obama is being attacked for his grammar.
  • The President is dumb too.
  • A man arrested in Massachusetts for drunk driving is Barack Obama’s half-uncle who is in the U.S. illegally. He is reported to have said, “I think I’ll call the White House.”
  • African-Americans’ disenchantment with Barack Obama continues.
  • Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger is still trying to get attention.
  • Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango has resigned despite not being sure if the photos on a gay website were of him seeking dates.
  • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin kicked off his election campaign by revving up his three-wheeled Harley Davidson at the head of a bikers’ motorcade.
  • House Republicans are planning to introduce legislation that seeks to force major changes at the United Nations, using as leverage the U.S.’s 22 percent contribution to the world body’s operating budget.
  • Dick Cheney: “I don’t think that it (the Iraq War) damaged our reputation around the world.”
  • Even though he is polling at 2%, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson keeps being excluded from the debates. His support is about the equivalent of Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum.
  • “9/11,” a coloring book for kids, may be too much of a graphic novel.
  • North Korea is now hacking into South Korean banks.
  • During a 2008 visit, Muammar Gaddafi grabbed Condoleezza Rice’s hand and tried to lead her to his private quarters.
  • Texas is considering raising the speed limit on some of its highways to 85 mph.
  • Canada’s health agency has warned would-be parents not to purchase fresh semen online, saying it may be tainted with infectious diseases.
  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is planning on disbursing a $500,000 grant in November for interstellar starship research.
  • An Illinois lawmaker, who sponsored legislation that would allow local police to use DUI fines to buy equipment that helps prevent alcohol crimes, has been arrested for a DUI.
  • Are pandas the way for the U.S. to escape its reliance on foreign oil?
  • A system that has correctly picked every president since 1984 calls Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 election.

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