Jester’s Court — November 26, 2011


  • The defense budget cuts to the military from the failure of the supercommittee to propose a deficit reduction plan are not as bad as some are warning.
  • Prince Charles is being considered as a possible king for Romania.
  • A Romanian mayor began a hunger strike to protest against cuts in heating subsidies imposed under a government austerity drive.
  • Ignored Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson may seek the Libertarian nomination for president.
  • A man filed a complaint against Pope Benedict XVI for not wearing a seat belt in his “Popemobile” during his last trip to Germany.
  • Senator Joe Lieberman is afraid of “terrorist content” on blogs.
  • Australia will deny tax benefits to those who don’t vaccinate their kids.
  • Fewer and fewer people are waiting to see Michele Bachmann, or is it all her publisher’s fault?
  • If the U.S. or Israel attacks Iran, Iran will attack Turkey.
  • A Florida city considers ice cream truck music as “noise pollution” and banned it.

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