“Satan Wins” as Mississippi Personhood Initiative Defeated

Mississippi Lt. Governor Phil Bryant spelled out as clearly as possible what would happen if Initiative 26 went down to defeat. Initiative 26 would define that once an egg is fertilized, then it is a person.

“This is a battle of good and evil of Biblical proportions,” Bryant said.

Bryant went onto say that “Satan wins” if Initiative 26 went down to defeat. Bryant the Republican nominee for governor coasted to an easy victory with 61% of the vote. However, Initiative 26 was routed resoundingly in one of the nation’s most conservative states. The voters rejected Initiative 26 by a 57%-43% margin.

Chalk one up for Satan. Yet if Satan garnered an electoral victory, Bryant needs to give a nod to supporters of the horned one too. He wouldn’t have been elected if Satanic-leaning voters who rejected the personhood amendment had not voted for Bryant over his opponent.

Does this mean it’s twin victories for Satan tonight?

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2 Responses to “Satan Wins” as Mississippi Personhood Initiative Defeated

  1. anita cox says:

    Thank you, Mississippi, for making South Carolina look good.

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