French President Sarkozy’s Residence Busted for Internet Piracy


French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s has pushed through some of the world’s strictest anti-piracy legislation. With that legislation, three violations or three strikes, and Internet service is cut off for the offender. At least 60 French Internet subscribers are on their last strike now.

Sarkozy’s strong opposition to pirated downloads has created an embarrassing situation for the president. It seems someone or some people at his official residence thought there might be a presidential exemption.

No one is accusing Sarkozy of personal involvement in the illegal downloading at Élysée Palace. However, if this was a typical French residence, that wouldn’t work as an excuse. One has to have control over one’s home, president or not. As TorrentFreak has discovered, a damaging trail leads straight to Sarkozy’s residence.

As reported to TorrentFreak this morning by Nicolas Perrier of Nikopik, people using IP addresses allocated to the Élysée Palace ( – have been very naughty indeed.

According to data from, a range of downloads have been actioned from the Palace including a cam copy of Tower Heist, a telesync copy of Arthur Christmas, and music from The Beach Boys. The latter was actually a lossless FLAC rip, but as one might expect, only the best quality will do for the Palace.

In total six infringing downloads were tracked back to Sarkozy’s residence, double the country’s three-strike limit.

Contrary to the article’s suggestion that this is double the country’s three-strike law, this violation would only be a single strike if the President’s residence is given a warning. The three strikes do not equate to individual violations but to warnings.

Regardless, things must be a bit red-faced in Élysée Palace.

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