Is Michelle Obama Signing “Vagina” on the Cover of Reader’s Digest?

Is that Michelle Obama giving the American Sign Language “vagina” sign? That would be a startling thing for a First Lady to do. Even more startling would be Barack Obama giving the ASL “penis” sign. Since that is beyond the imaginable, this must not be “vagina” but something else. If she isn’t doing that, then what is she doing?

Looking at the proper way to sign “vagina,” Obama doesn’t pull it off. She is doing something similar to the Oregon “O” sign. Fat chance of Obama doing that, though. Her brother is a basketball coach at Oregon State. If you know the rivalry between those two schools, then that is not going to happen.

The ASL sign for "vagina"

Even some of the Oregon football players have stopped making the “O” sign because of the possible confusion. Here is an interesting picture of cheerleaders from Oregon. Even Oregon’s star running back, LaMichael James, realizes the potential problems: “I did the ‘O’ once, and I never did it again.”

That brings me to my theory. Perhaps Obama is trying to make the “O” for Obama sign or maybe she is trying to signify that the Obamas are a big interconnected family.

Whatever she is doing, it makes for an awkward photo.


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4 Responses to Is Michelle Obama Signing “Vagina” on the Cover of Reader’s Digest?

  1. Lila Vroom says:

    of any word vagina is her choice

  2. Lila Vroom says:

    I know some deff peole they brought a picture and said it was not good i never knew it meant vagina Michelle Obamadoing it makes it even funnier

  3. Perhaps she was just giving a shout out to her brother. (Look up Oregon State’s team name.)

  4. hahora es gaza la matanza de niños inocentes pronto sera en la caza del sr barack obama y sus aliados aliejenes atte san francisxco del mas alla

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