Trump Compares His New Book to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, James Madison is credited as the major influence on the Constitution and now Donald Trump has authored Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again. No one is going to claim that Trump’s book is anywhere near comparable to the two documents of this country’s founding. No one but Donald Trump, that is.

Jefferson, Madison and Trump — the great American political writers of our country, according to Trump. Is there a picture frame in the country large enough to put this man’s head into?

Trump, as you may know, has agreed to host a Republican debate on December 27, which most of the Republican presidential candidates will attend. This is days before the Iowa caucuses. To the credit of Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, they have decided not to take part in this circus. Trump will presumably make his coveted endorsement afterwards.

Trump states that he is simply doing his version of “The Apprentice” for presidential candidates because he is a patriot concerned about our country. In a discussion with Hot Air’s Tina Korbe, Trump made it clear he is just a humble American doing his part to make our country great again.

“I would say, Tina, that I get nothing out of it. Who cares if I sell a few more books?” Trump said to me today on a conference call with reporters. “If I can endorse a person who turns out to be a super president, that would be great — and that is what I get out of it. I get nothing else out of it, believe me. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of time, a lot of effort, and I really get nothing out of it. I don’t care about book sales because the book is going to do very well anyway. All of my books have done very well. What I get out of it is the satisfaction of trying to recommend somebody who’s going to be a great president.”

Of all the crap that has been said in the presidential campaign, this is about the worst. I am sure Trump believes this, but that is only because he thinks he is one of the great leaders of America.

For a man who claims to be an astute political thinker, he has trouble sorting out the most basic facts. Trump still hasn’t figured out that Obama’s birth certificate is valid. Here are Trump’s latest birther musings from the National Review Online:

“A lot of people agree with me,” Trump said in response to a question from World Net Daily’s Robert Unruh.”They find it amazing, that out of — that all of a sudden, miraculously, this birth certificate just appeared. People have questioned the birth certificate, and many people do still question it.”

“I happen to think,” Trump continued, “it’s very strange that after years, all of a sudden it appears. And I’ve also said, ‘How come there are no records that his mother was ever in the hospital?’ There are records that other people were in the hospital at that time… There’s no record that Obama or the mother was. And then you have the grandmother making statements, and you have the family pointing to different hospitals. Look, I have real questions, but I also know Obama is totally protected by the press, and unfairly so, I would say. … I find that it’s a very interesting topic because basically it’s a violation of the law.”

On June 13, 2008 the Obama campaign released his birth certificate. On April 27 of this year, he released the long-form birth certificate because of birther doubts about the 2008 release. Hawaii’s Health Department officials have confirmed several times that the certificate does exist and have never said that the documents released by Obama are not correct. By the way, the officials who first confirmed the existence of the Hawaiian birth certificate are Republican appointees.

The questions that Trump has about Obama’s birth certificate have been addressed again and again. None of what he states has any substance on this matter. The facts all line up that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Donald Trump is once again making sounds that he may run for president as an independent. He won’t run. He only wants attention. That is what he is doing with the book, the debate he is hosting, and the birther issue. They are attention getters. Donald Trump is a showman. He is all style and little substance. That is quite the opposite from Jefferson and Madison. It is shameful that he even considers himself on par with them.


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