Indiana State Rep. Morris Doubles Down on Accusation that Girl Scouts Promote Homosexuality and Abortion

Michele Obama greets a Girl Scout. Obama's position as honorary chair of the Girl Scouts is reason to give everyone "pause" about the organization, according to Indiana Rep. Bob Morris.

There is one good thing that can be said for Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris. He is a man of his convictions. While the rest of the Indiana House of Representatives believe that the Girl Scouts are a great organization that is doing wonderful things, Morris stands by his lone vote not to commemorate the Scouts 100th anniversary. That is because behind those smiling girls selling cookies he sees an evil organization promoting free sex, homosexuality and abortions.

Morris also noted another reason to steer clear of the Girl Scouts — First Lady Michele Obama is the honorary chair. Morris felt that should give “pause” to anyone supporting the Girl Scouts. Apparently, Morris did not know that since 1917 the nation’s First Lady has always been the honorary chair.

He has announced that he is removing his two girls from the Scouts and placing them in a pro-life, Christian group known as the American Heritage Girls.

“My family and I took a view and we’re sticking by it,” Morris told the AP. “My girls are no longer Girl Scouts. They’re now going to join American Heritage Girls.”

Morris had claimed that the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood were in an alliance to sexualize young girls. Both organizations denied any such intent. Morris presented no proof of the charges besides his own “small amount of web-based research.”

In regards to abortion, Morris urged everyone to check the facts out by getting “on the Internet, do some research, contact the Girl Scouts of America on a national level and ask them that question. They’re not against it. If you’re not against it, you’re for it.”

Morris is right. The Girl Scouts are not against abortion. They haven’t taken a position because the Girl Scouts try to avert political issues. They also don’t have a position on Iran getting nuclear weapons or a statement against al-Qaeda. Once Morris discovers this, he must want the world to know that the Girl Scouts are also in favor of nuclear proliferation and terrorism too.

Fortunately, the rest of the legislature has retained its sanity on this matter. House Speaker Brian Bosma, a Republican like Morris, purchased 278 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and began passing them out in the state capitol. On Tuesday, Bosma asked every legislator who had been a member of the Girl Scouts to stand and give the daily motion to adjourn.

Bosma asked everyone to move on past this controversy, noting that “I’ve been to the carnival before, and you don’t walk in to every sideshow tent.”

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