Jester’s Court — February 17, 2010


Newt Gingrich suggested that he might lose the Georgia primary, the state he represented while in Congress.

With the current debate over contraception, unmarried women are shifting their support to Barack Obama.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez mocked Newt Gingrich for his statements on abortion rights, saying the candidate has the same authority to act as spokesman for Catholics as the 5-foot-6-inch congressman does to speak for tall people.

Barack Obama feared that he would lose votes because of singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

Two F-16s intercepted a Cessna that slipped into President Obama’s restricted air space while he was in California. Federal authorities searched the plane after it landed, finding marijuana.

Washington, D.C., ranks first in public corruption convictions by population, followed by Louisiana and Illinois.

In Florida, with state legislators facing lawsuits accusing them of drawing redistricting maps that favor Republicans, a House committee passed a bill protecting lawmakers from having to testify if they get sued.

The Small Business Administration has published new guidelines that will result in larger companies qualifying as small businesses.

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