Jester’s Court — March 30, 2012


A Supreme Court ruling against President Obama’s landmark health care law could prompt challenges to the Massachusetts health care law that Mitt Romney pushed in 2006.

The EPA is considering banning some chemicals in pesticides because they are being blamed for the dramatic loss of honeybee populations.

Joe Biden said that Barack Obama has faced more difficult decisions than FDR.

North Carolina’s Democratic Party and a former state senator are apologizing for 2010 campaign ads that wrongly accused the Republican winner of dealing drugs while in college.

Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh criticized his opponent Tammy Duckworth as only a wounded war veteran.

A watchdog group is claiming that a Republican Illinois congressman misused campaign funds for lavish hotels, cash reimbursements for his mother and even exercise programs and equipment.

Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore spoke on the House floor of being a victim of sexual abuse and rape.

South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley may be indicted for tax fraud this week.

Japan is preparing to intercept a North Korean rocket launch, if necessary.

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