Jester’s Court — March 9, 2012


Former U.S. Comptroller David Walker warned that within two years, the U.S. could slide into a debt scenario similar to what Greece is experiencing.

Being a member of Congress is not fun any more, so more and more of them are retiring.

California Rep. Lois Capps said that she pressed the wrong button on a vote condemning religious persecution in Iran. Capps was on the short end of a 417-1 vote.

California Rep. Darrell Issa posted the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement online and is asking the public to comment and make changes to the copyright enforcement treaty.

An Ohio bill would require a man who wants an erectile dysfunction drug to provide his doctor with a notarized affidavit from at least one sex partner that says he’s had symptoms in the previous 90 days.

Oregon is considering banning Native American mascots and nicknames.

The FBI is warning Congress that terrorist groups may employ hackers to attack the United States.

Several Republican Congressmembers have broken from Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge.

North Dakota has overtaken California as the third-largest oil-producing state in the nation.

South Carolina’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard resigned just before being indicted on seven counts of misusing campaign money.

Mitt Romney and some of his top aides used private email accounts to conduct state business at times when Romney was governor of Massachusetts. The private emails are not available for public review.

Pope Benedict XVI denounced gay marriage in a speech to U.S. bishops visiting Vatican City. The Pope warned of “powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage.”

A cash-strapped British council spent £100,000 on videos showing how to wash one’s hands and make a phone call.

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