John Edwards Wants You to Believe His Denial that He Visited a Prostitute

John Edwards

If John Edwards says it, then it must be true, right?

Edwards’ attorney denied claims that Edwards used one of “Manhattan Madam” Anna Gristina’s prostitutes in 2007:

“Mr. Edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or any such service. These allegations are false and defamatory and will put those who publish or report them on notice that they are acting with actual malice by reporting or repeating them.”

So it isn’t just that Edwards is denouncing the claims of one of Gristina’s hookers, he is threatening legal action for anyone who repeats it. Edwards better get some more attorneys because this is a story that is going to be repeated again and again.

While it is yet to be proven that Edwards choose to cheat with a hooker while he was cheating with Rielle Hunter when his wife was sick with terminal cancer, it is not hard to imagine that there is more john in Edwards than just his first name.

Edwards should not be surprised if few people accept his denial at face value. His veracity has a poor track record. After the National Enquirer broke the Hunter story, Edwards denied it all.

“The story is false. It’s completely untrue, ridiculous,” Edwards said in October 2007.

In August of 2008, after Edwards was caught visiting Hunter in Beverly Hills, he admitted to the affair, but said he was not the father of her child. Edwards dismissed his earlier denials as being “99% honest.”

Finally, in January 2010, Edwards admitted what everyone already knew:

“It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter, and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”

So this means the world is supposed to believe Edwards now, because this time he is really telling the truth. Fat chance.

The U.S. dodged a disastrous presidency by the former Vice-Presidential candidate and top Presidential contender. There is every reason to assume that Edwards could have been the Warren Harding of sex scandals. While John Edwards will never be President, he is on course to be the biggest slime ball of the twenty-first century.

The prostitute who claims to have recognized Edwards during their 2007 one-nighter gave a date to investigators that happened to coincide with an Edwards fundraising visit to New York City. She claims that they met in an Upper East Side hotel. Edwards had a habit of staying at the Loews Hotel Regency in the Upper East Side. The same hotel just happens to be the one where he met Hunter too.

Edwards is currently awaiting trial for the $1 million he tried to use to cover up his affair with Hunter. The trial has been postponed because of a heart condition that he has. Of all the illnesses that Edwards could face, this one is quite appropriate to the situation.


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