Michele Bachmann: Those Who Don’t Have Health Insurance are Choosing to “Roll the Dice”

There’s a reason Michele Bachman’s campaign for president flopped. She’s out of touch with everyday Americans. Here is Bachmann putting in her view that the 40 million without insurance are not doing it because they can’t afford it. They are doing it because they like to “roll the dice” on their health care.

What fun! Maybe someone will keel over at 40 from cancer or a heat attack, while another will live to be 80 without a problem. It is just like going to Vegas, only it’s not about money; it’s about one’s life.

Funny thing about that “roll the dice” idea. It seems only the poor people or overstretched middle class want to play that game. Those who have money just aren’t into “rolling the dice” on life-and-death fun. Spoilsports.

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