Missouri Birther Bill Passes State House

Lyle Rowland

The advocates of HB 1046 claim that it has nothing to do with Barack Obama. In that case, it is just coincidence that for the first time since its admission as a state in 1821 that the Missouri House felt the need to pass a bill for presidential candidates to prove that they are natural born citizens. And if you believe that, then you probably do believe that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Lyle Rowland said that if he had been a legislator back in the 1930s or 40s, then he still would have pushed for its adoption. He called the current system a “flawed process.”

“Early man ate with their hands, now we eat with a fork. We have come a long, long way, we have progressed,” Rowland said.

Great logic there. It must make more sense on an empty stomach.

Although the bill will not take effect until 2016, the birther shadow is hard avoid. When a fellow House member asked Rowland if he thought Obama was a citizen, Rowland avoided answering when the Speaker ruled the question out of order since the law would not come into play this election year.

Rowland said that the idea for the bill came from discussion with a constituent. Rowland said that Obama may have come up in that conversation, but he can’t recall.

Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst interjected that seeing Obama’s birth certificate was not enough. Scharnhorst said that he wants to see Obama’s college transcripts for “confidence and security.”

That is just another step in the endless birther merry-go-round that has gone from a birth certificate to Social Security number to college transcripts and anything that can be remotely documented about Obama’s past. These birthers refuse to accept any fact. When they do realize the folly of one argument, they move onto another fallacious theory.

Increasingly, there is only one explanation for why this story does not die. Rep. Wanda Brown addressed that in denial:

I have heard our side of the aisle called racist and xenophobic, I am tired of it. There is nothing wrong with asking the president of the United States for his birth certificate. I am tired of being called racist.”

Yes, there is nothing wrong with asking for that, except it has taken over 220 years and the election of an African-American to be President for anyone to care. Coincidence? Or maybe it is just chance that the political opponents of the President have suddenly taken an interest in Presidential qualifications.

There is not a single shred of evidence that any birther has ever presented to show that Obama was born outside the United States. The birthers have also failed to explain why both Republican and Democratic appointees at the the Hawaii Department of Health have confirmed that Obama’s birth certificate is there and valid.

Fortunately, the bill is a long shot to become law. It still would have to pass the Senate and get the Governor’s signature. Governor Jay Nixon said that he would veto it.

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