Judge Sends Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to Women

The husband of a court bailiff in Detroit is upset because he found a nearly nude photo of a judge on his wife’s cellphone. A little hanky-panky going on? That doesn’t seem to be the case. The judge likes to send photos of his unclothed upper half, showing off a buff build to lots of women. He even admits it.

Detroit Judge Wade McCree is cheerful and enthusiastic about sending the photo because he said that “There is nothing nude about it.” McCree’s initial reaction when confronted by a Fox reporter:

“Hot dog, yep that’s me. No shame in my game.”

No shame, indeed.

Beyond the stupidity of a judge doing this is McCree’s carefree nature. This is bad enough for a politician, but a judge. Judges are supposed to engender respect. They are supposed to carry themselves with a level of decorum, not be a step this side of Anthony Weiner. There’s no dignity here.

Court Bailiff: Detroit Judge Wade McCree Sent a Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to My Cell Phone: MyFoxDETROIT.com

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