Jester’s Court — April 24, 2012


In Hutchison, Kansas, the city council may pass an ordinance that would require churches to host gay weddings.

Lester the official state soil.

Illinois is considering charging for school bus rides.

Ann Romney: “I know what it’s like to finish the laundry.”

California voters will decide in November if the death penalty should be replaced by life imprisonment.

Mitt Romney’s decision to appoint an openly gay man as his foreign policy spokesman has offended women after he made some snide tweets about prominent women.

Ron Paul has garnered a large portion of Minnesota’s delegates by out organizing his opponents.

Voter turnout in the Republican presidential primary in Rhode Island was 3%.

Florida Rep. Allen West wrote that he called fellow members of the House “communists” because he wanted to stir debate.

Utah may elect the first black Republican woman to Congress.

The communist opponent to President Nicholas Sarkozy in the French elections wanted to tax the rich 100%.

A political activist has been arrested after running a mannequin in the Scottish elections.

By 2050 the price of a pack of cigarettes might rise to $100 in New Zealand.

Even Cuba is complaining about the poor job of screening that the TSA is doing.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman called Russian protesters uncharismatic “zeros.”

Putin’s wife is missing, at least from the public eye.

A female opposition leader in Uganda who was groped by a police officer after being pulled out of her car has generated outrage.

The Secret Service scandal in Colombia has created calls to legalize prostitution in the United States.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley hinted that the Colombian prostitutes caught with Secret Service agents could have been Russian spies.

In 2007, Mitt Romney called for a pornography filter in every computer. (Be sure to watch the ending with the college-age male who doesn’t applaud and darts about with guilty eyes.)

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