Jester’s Court — April 27, 2012


Russian and American airborne forces will conduct joint counter-terrorism exercises in Colorado next month. This is the first time the Russian military has ever been invited into the U.S. for a joint exercise.

Senators Kent Conrad and Mike Crapo introduced legislation that would remove all references to the word “lunatic” from federal law.

The Obama administration rule that would have barred children from doing some things on family farms is not going to happen. It also was incorrectly reported as barring kids from doing some work on their parents’ farms. That was incorrect.

Michigan’s Board of Canvassers deadlocked on a vote and failed to certify more than 200,000 signatures seeking a referendum on the state’s emergency manager law. The reason? The font on the petitions was too small.

A 4-year-old got a TSA pat-down after fears that she might have had a handgun transferred to her when she hugged her grandmother.

Allies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birther investigations are going around Arizona quizzing Republican officeholders on whether they feel Barack Obama is legally a president. They aren’t finding much support.

Longtime Indiana Senator Dick Lugar is trailing his Tea Party opponent in the Republican primary.

Congressional candidate “Joe the Plumber” said his Christian “brother” Barack Obama was “blessed by God.”

Blue dog Democrats are being voted out of Congress just like RINO Republicans, suggesting that the Democratic Party is being as radicalized as the Republican Party is by the Tea Party.

Barack Obama said that he married Michelle to “improve his gene pool.”

The European Union pressed Ukraine to allow “independent medical specialists” to visit the country’s jailed former prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, after she claimed to have been beaten by prison guards last week.

The Colombian government has asked the U.S. to issue an apology for tarnishing the image of Cartagena after the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

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