Jester’s Court — April 28, 2012


Maine Governor Paul LePage called state workers “corrupt.”

A New Mexico politician with the name Wiener has been photographed in the Philippines with scantily clad women, drawing comparisons to former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

A private company plans to mine asteriods and has the resources to do it.

Rocker Ted Nugent said that the cancelling of his concert at an army base “defiles” the sacrifices of those who fought for the Constitution.

Joe Biden may have given the Democrats one of the best campaign slogans for the reelection of Barack Obama: “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive.”

Michelle Obama won’t run for president.

Barack Obama is the first male in his line for at least some time not to be a polygamist.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recalled the nail-biting moments of the Osama bin Laden raid.

The Republican-dominated New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a medical marijuana bill by a lopsided vote of 236 to 96. Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, threatens to veto the legislation.

The Prince of Liechtenstein is threatening to quit.

In Australia, election officials ran out of ballots for an election so they tore paper from a notebook, scrawled the candidates’ names on them and passed them out.

Canada’s New Democrat Party is being accused of being soft on Hitler, although the party did not form until 16 years after World War II.

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