Jester’s Court — April 6, 2012


The border between North Carolina and South Carolina has been moved, which means several residents who lived in lower-taxed South Carolina are now residents of higher-taxed North Carolina.

This June North Dakota voters are to determine if the nickname “Fighting Sioux” should continue for the University of North Dakota. A “Yes” means “No,” and a “No” means “Yes.”

A Marine who criticized President Barack Obama on his Facebook page has committed misconduct and should be dismissed, a military board recommended.

The commissioner of Internal Revenue Service warned of “a real disaster” for taxpayers next year should Congress miss a December 31 deadline to decide on billions in major tax provisions.

A bill in the Mississippi legislature would shut down the last remaining abortion clinic in the state.

A Massachusetts judge is under investigation after being accused of bias in favor of defendants during 21 years on the bench. He is asking the state’s highest court to prevent investigators from questioning him about how he reached individual decisions, asserting that judges should not have to reveal their inner thoughts about cases to anyone.

Astronauts have snapped the one millionth photo from the International Space Station.

Environmentalists against solar power.

Up to 50,000 bodies will need to be exhumed to make way for the new high speed rail line from London to Birmingham.

Egypt faces its own birther issue as a candidate for president may be barred because his mother held an American passport.

Germany is proposing to levy taxes on the young to pay for the costs of the country’s growing numbers of old people, under government plans for a “demographic reserve” levy.

A dressmaker’s dummy has been banned from running in a British election.

A Spanish mayor has introduced 65 rules to combat rude behavior — from slurping soup to breaking wind in public.

The once formidable “Shining Path” continues to lose ground in Peru.

Mitt Romney vs. reality.

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