United States Begins First Global Marketing Campaign to Attract Tourists

Roseanne Cash sings a soothing song while Americans do all kinds of things that no one does in a regular day. That is the theme of the first commercial by a private/public entity designed to bring more tourists to the United States.

The Travel Promotion Act was signed into law in 2010 by Barack Obama after receiving overwhelming support in Congress. Federal tax dollars are not being spent. The private/public entity, called Brand USA, has its board of directors selected by members of the president’s cabinet. It is funded by a $10 charge to tourists. Of course, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection had to place another $4 charge on top of that for processing.

These types of advertisements are fine for smaller countries or places that are little known. But the U.S.? Is a snappy ad going to make someone want to come here? The real advertisements for the U.S. are occurring on the front pages of international news in the name of Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and such. Whenever the world has a problem, the United States intervenes in disaster or war. Add in the thousands of McDonalds, WalMarts and Starbucks, plus brand names like Coca-Cola, and that is the real commercial for the United States.

It’s hard to see how this is worth it. There hasn’t ever been a problem getting tourists to come to the United States, which brings up the real problem. Getting a visa is not easy. Here is an official attempt by the U.S. government to increase tourism, while other branches of government continue to make the process difficult. On top of that, those who do come are frisked and photographed at airports in a far too intimate manner.

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