Pregnant from Rape? It’s All Part of God’s Plan

Here is Richard Mourdock, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Indiana. Mourdock is a slight favorite in his race against Joe Donnelly.

Mourdock has some strong beliefs on abortion. He opposes it in all instances, except for when the mother’s life is in danger. Mourdock’s committed beliefs are not the problem. It is how he justifies them that is troubling. According to Mourdock, a woman who is raped, and has the added misfortune of becoming pregnant from it, is just an instrument of God’s will. Mourdock stated that pregnancy from rape is what “God intended to happen.”

That outrageous comment can’t be interpreted as anything but a justification for rape. As extreme as Mourdock is, it is difficult to imagine that is what he means. Mourdock needs to think through his philosophy a bit further or maybe stop talking.

But let’s look at the good side of the comment. If elected, at least there would be one senator who is close enough to God to be in on His intentions. Maybe next time Mourdock can fill us in on how war, famine and pestilence fit into the grand design.

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  1. Susan Gerbic says:

    I heard this story on NPR today. I think it is a wonderful discussion about religion and pregnancy. If you are religious do you believe that God(s) make that happen? If so in the case of rape did your God(s) make that happen in order for the pregnancy to happen? If it was part of a plan for a baby to be born with those exact same parents, why couldn’t they have fallen in love and created the child that way? Or at least hooked up at a party? Why did it have to be rape?

    Or maybe it was Satan that caused the rape to happen so that the child could be created? Did Satan cause the woman to get pregnant? Why would he do that unless the child was going to be someone evil to help Satan?

    Or is it possible that Satan caused the rape, but God wanted to use that opportunity (that he/she didn’t prevent BTW) to make a baby from these two people so that there would be some joy for the woman later when the baby was born? But then why does she still get morning sick, stretch marks and painful birth? Can’t she be given a pass on that?

    I know these questions all sound a bit flippant, but I seriously want to know what people like Mourdock believe. And I better not hear that old chestnut “God works in mysterious ways” or “we do not know God’s plans” cause they are both cop-outs.

    If Mourdock truly believes in what he said (don’t doubt that) then he must understand the motivation behind God causing her to get pregnant. I can’t see how you can have assurance on one hand but not the other.

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