Alabama Mailer Portrays Obama as Mobster

Fortunately, the madness ends today. In case you are already having campaign withdrawals, just wait 48-hours after the polls close and the speculation will begin on the 2016 presidential election. Your new fix begins then.

Alabama has its own share of madness. The Alabama Republican Party sent out a mailer last week with Barack Obama portrayed as a mobster from Chicago politics trying to get Bob Vance elected state Supreme Court Chief Justice.

The ad insinuates that there are some dirty politics going on between Obama and Vance. Vance emphasizes that he has never met Obama and the President “doesn’t have a clue” who he is.

What makes this overboard mailer really strange is that there is no need for it. Roy Moore, a former state Supreme Court Chief Justice, leads comfortably in the polls. Moore is known as the Ten Commandments judge because he put a monument of the Biblical message in front of the state judicial building. Moore refused to remove it so he was removed from office in 2003. He’s back now as the overwhelming favorite to be elected.

Being removed from the bench for judicial violations usually doesn’t play well to most voters. When it involves backing the Ten Commandments and the place is Alabama, then that is a different story. Moore is a hero to many Alabamans. Suggesting that Obama is the godfather fits the expectations for those people as well.

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