Defeated “Family Values” Congressional Candidate Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges

Brad Staats mugshot

The voters in Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District look like they got the election right when they reelected Congressman Jim Cooper 65% to 33% over Brad Staats.

Staats was arrested on Sunday morning when his wife called police to report that her husband had hit her. The Tennessean reported on the particulars.

“Ms. Staats did have a red mark on her left cheek consistent with her statement,” the affidavit said. “Mr. Staats when questioned stated that during a verbal argument he pushed his wife Ms. Staats down onto a bed then left the location.”

In a brief phone interview Monday, Staats said the situation was “not what it appears to be.” He declined to comment further and refused to identify his attorney.

It never “appears to be” what it is to the perpetuator. His wife ticked him off so he slapped her. Men like this tend not to see where they did something wrong.

Staats’ behavior is enough to question his integrity to be a Congressman. Yet as bad as slapping his wife around is, the arrest pointed out more character flaws with Staats. Staats was a family values candidate.

He states it clearly on the front page of his website.


Family matters, all right. Staats’ website goes even further into how he supports family values. His bio states his commitment to family and his beliefs.

Brad is married to Bethany and they have 4 wonderful children. Their family attends Cornerstone Church in Madison, Tennessee and both Brad and Bethany are involved in teaching bible class to 9th and 10th grade youth.

Politicians speak about protecting the middle class because it’s election year. Brad Staats will protect the middle class because it’s where he comes from. Brad never envisioned running for public office but his strong values and core beliefs have compelled him to step forward and lead.

Those “strong values and core beliefs” include hitting women. What will be interesting is the next Bible class that Staats and his wife teach. That will be awkward.

On the issues, Staats website explained what the “strong values and core beliefs” mean.

The social values of the people of Tennessee are rooted in very traditional beliefs. It’s important for any Member of Congress to understand that and represent principles when they go to Washington. My religious beliefs and personal values are very important to me and define who I am.

Staats then proceeded to highlight his plan:

Defend traditional marriage. Marriage is the union between one man and one woman. It’s a core value for people in Tennessee.

Of course, Staats doesn’t want gays upending traditional marriage. They don’t know how to slap a partner. Besides, if two men are hitting each other, then the victim is more likely to strike back with equal force. It is so much easier when the marriage is between one man and a woman. In that case, the man can beat the crap out of the woman with a lesser chance of retaliation.

I don’t think that vision of traditional marriage is a core value for Tennesseans.

The idyllic marriage that Staats portrays doesn’t look as perfect after this incident. Oftentimes, women treated like this have endured a pattern of escalating abuse. A first-time argument that turns violent usually doesn’t lead to police involvement unless the perpetuator is raging out of control. There is no evidence that is what happened. Just a hunch, but I’m betting that this is not the first time that the Staats have had a disagreement over their visions of traditional marriage.

At least, Washington has been spared another hypocrite.

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